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yamaha mg102c review

The Yamaha MG102c Mixer Review

Yamaha MG102C Stereo MixerThe Yamaha MG102c mixer is the ideal mixing console for recording smaller groups. This mixer is also perfect for capturing live sounds and instruments. This is a 10-input stereo mixer that provides amazing sound quality and simple functionality. The MG102c is a mixer that has the ability to please even the most attentive listener with its massive power and high-quality design. The mixer offered by Yamaha provides flexibility and simplicity that any user can appreciate. The compact design and advanced controls are only a taste of the benefits to owning the MG102c mixer.

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The Mixing Board Channels and Inputs

The Yamaha mixer has 10-input channels. These inputs are made up of two mono microphone channels and four stereo channels. On the MG102c, the stereo channels inputs are interchangeable for mono microphone inputs. This allows the user to use up to four microphone inputs if applicable. The board also utilizes a Gain trim that encompasses a vast 60dB. The range for microphone input is 16dB and the line input is 34dB.

The control panel is easily accessible and well-arranged. This audio mixer uses input and output connectors that are top-mounted. This allows for an effortless set up and makes re-patching the board quick and simple. The mixer incorporates premium Neutrik XLR connectors for the mono microphone/line as well as the other stereo channels. The XLR-equipped stereo channels are set-up to accept the mono microphone input from either the XLR or a standard phone jack. The remaining channels on the MG102c 10 also offer a phone jack connection for compatibility with a variety of other sources. The two mono inputs also include I/O connectors that allow the user to patch external processing devices into those channels when required.

The Mixing Console Design

The Yamaha has four high powered microphone preamplifiers. The pre-amps even incorporate a switchable phantom power that is perfect for connecting more than one microphone and receiving high-quality sound from condenser microphones. This feature is important to any mixer because it allows for better sound and higher-performance. For that reason, the mixer is designed to deliver a superior sound with any type of condenser or dynamic microphone. The mixer also conveniently includes one switch that controls the phantom power for all four channels.

The advanced built-in channel compressors are an incredible benefit when attempting to achieve clear sound quality. This feature can be used to tune the sounds of synthesizers, bass and guitars. This is a unique feature to mixer consoles. More importantly, this built-in channel compression does not come standard on many other mixers in this price range. Yamaha has created an innovative mixer that uses one-button compression on both mono input channels. In comparison to other conventional mixers that use audio compressors that are multifaceted and time-consuming; Yamaha, incorporates a one-button compressor that allows the user to simply press in the amount of compression desired.

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Yeah baby!: 3-band channel EQ and a high-pass filter

The MG102c uses a 3-band channel EQ and a high-pass filter. The ability to create an easy to use channel equalizer has not been an easy feat in the past. Yamaha has created a mixer that effectively allows the channels 1/6 to feature full 3-band equalizers. The equalizers incorporate a full range of clarity with LOW, MID and HIGH controls. Although, channels 7/8 and 9/10 have only 2-band EQ. This allows the mixer to produce smooth equalization for other stereo sources.

One of the major benefits of the MG102c is the effect and aux sends. This stereo mixer has AUX controls on the channels that allow the user to alter the level of the signal. This controls what is sent from the corresponding channel to the AUX jack. This is ideal for sending signals and/or effects to the monitoring system. The stereo, monitor and headphone outputs are all found above the master controls. The mixer uses a well-located and easy-to-access connector panel. There is a main stereo output connector, a phone-jack monitor connectors and a stereo headphone connector. There is even a pin-jack connector.  Although, the connectors are compact, they provide a wide range of connectivity.

Yamaha MG102c Review

The Yamaha has a lightweight and portable design that allows any user to transport the mixer easily. The MG102C weighs only 1.6 kilograms, which is small enough to fit snugly in a briefcase or backpack. However, the high-quality performance that this mixer provides should not be taken from its small packaging. Overall, this is a high-performance mixer that is affordable. More importantly, the MG has one of the best prices in its range.

Lastly, the easy controls and simple design allow for effortless operation. The Yamaha MG102c includes controls, displays and switches that are designed for an innovative and unique experience. The mixer uses bright meters that allow for accurate monitoring. Visual monitoring is beneficial because it can assist any user in achieving the best recording quality without audible distortion. The Yamaha Mixer MG102c easy functionality, simple design and high-performance make this mixer a must-have for any professional or home studio. The best prices are typically found online; however, many major retailers also carry this innovative mixing board.

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