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How to Set Up a Mixing Board

Yamaha MG166CX MixerIf you think of a recording studio as the body, you might say that the mixer is the brain. These components connect everything in a recording studio. These boards allow you to mix audio and sound, set levels and adjust input to get the sound that you want. You can also mix or modify audio sources to get the best possible sound.

This important board is also used to reduce or amplify signals in order to replace or enhance certain aspects of a recording. Even in a live performance a mixer can adjust sound levels to reduce or eliminate unwanted signals. This article will discuss the best mixing board for live, studio mixing board, the mixing studio, buy mixing board basics, and mixing desk accessories.

Best mixing boards for live or studio mixing.

There are many mixing boards to choose from and sometimes it is not easy to find out exactly who makes the best digital audio mixer. Some are digital and some come with powerful recording software already installed. Whether you require a multi-channel connection for a large venue or a small console for home use, there is a unique board that is just right for you.

  • The PreSonic Studio Live 24.42 Mixer is a 24-channel digital mixer is a very popular mixer mostly because of its versatility. This board showcases the reverb and delay sound effects which are very popular features associated with these mixing boards.
  • Mackie PROFX12-12 Channel Compact Effects Mixer With USB is  perfect for a small, in-home studio. It can even be used for a  small musical event. This small, but powerful, mixer features microphone pre-amps, integrated RMFX 32-bit processor, and a 3-band active EQ. With a USB port.
  • Behringer Eurodesk SX324FX Ultra Low-Noise Design 32 Input 4 Bus Studiolive Mixer is a professional quality mixer. This reliable mixer is especially effective when you are hosting a musical event that requires multiple channels.
  • Allen & Heath Zed R16 16-Channel Firewire Recording Console is the newest addition in a long line of finely crafted musical equipment by Allen & Heath. Known for superior craftsmanship, this 16 channel mixer offered by Allen & Heath can be used for large or small venues, by any music maker no matter what level of experience.
  • Yamaha MG166CX Analog Mixer similar to a Yamaha MG102c Mixer,this is a quality lightweight, compact mixer board. Boasting 16 different effects programs this is, by far the most versatile mixer listed here.

The mixing boards listed are just a few of the best mixing boards on the market today. They range in price from $280.00 all the way up to $3300.00. Whichever board you choose you should make sure it has all of the features that you need. Some other good options are a Mackie 402-vlz3 Sound Mixer and also a Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer and Xenyx 502.

Mixing Studios and Buying Mixing Boards.

Whether you are an amateur musician, or a recording enthusiast, with modern technology you too can have your own mixing studio. Remember, the most important component in your studio is going to be your mixer. You should think very carefully about what your goals are before you go shopping for audio equipment for your studio. Purchase as high a quality as your budget will allow, but make sure that your components will meet your needs.

You should choose a mixer with more channels than you will actually need in order to accommodate additional requirements as needed and always make sure that you know how to keep your audio mixer clean. You should also decide if you will need a mixer with built in effects, or if you will be recording to a digital audio work station, or directly to a tape recorder, before you make your purchase.

Make sure you have lots of input channels on your mixer. This makes plugging in you headphones, microphones and other devices easier. Have plenty of stereo audio connection cables available when you are installing your system so that you don't run out.

When you purchase your mixer make sure it has all the features you want. Your board is a very important part of your system and you should take into consideration not only your needs right now, but also your future needs as well. Also when purchasing your mixer MIDI capabilities, Sends, inserts, phantom power for mics and all other features should be carefully considered.

Mixing Desk Accessories.

Your mixing desk should be designed with adjustable furniture. All of your equipment should be easily accessible and open. Your accessories should include everything from mixer magnets and adapters to  mixer cases and rack mounting kits. Although your needs may vary,there are a few things that are necessary staples when setting up your mixing studio.

  • TecNec MXM1 Mixer Magnets are how the professionals label their  mixing console. This kit of 84 magnets fit under most faders.
  • PreSonus SL1642 adapter can combine up to 4 StudioLive mixers for 64 channels.
  • Octasound's MX120A-OPT-01 is a locking surface-mount case that is used with their MX120A dual channel remote audio mixer.

These tips should help you choose the best mixing board to suit your particular needs.