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mackie 402-vlz3 review

Reasons To Buy A Mackie 402-vlz3 Sound Mixer

Mackie 402 VLZ3 MixerMany DJs find it helpful to use a sound mixer when they do their work.  These mixers combine different audio sources into one output.  A mixer can have many inputs and can provide intricate signal routing to various destinations.  The most common equipment for a DJ is a four channel mixer.  It is a bit smaller in size than most and includes four channels to receive incoming audio sources, yet can have a larger amount of output channels.  One of the best four channel mixers on the market is the Mackie 402-vlz3. 

What Does The Mackie 4 Channel Mixer Do?

The Mackie vlz mixer joins two sources of audio so that music can be cross faded in between songs.  In film, certain audio crews may use these pieces of equipment to join audio from people and the sound from the location at the same time.  Most often, these mixers are used with PA systems when a performer must mix a microphone and an instrument.  It is also helpful in a larger room when a group of speakers each need a separate microphone.

This Mackie unit offers a consumer many different features.  It is extremely compact and contains similar signature characteristics of another Mackie mixer including the low noise and high headroom design.  It has 4 high headroom inputs and 2 selectable instrument inputs without needing a DI box.  It also contains dedicated stereo input and tape input channels.  There is phantom power for studio condenser microphone, and a 2 Band Active EQ and lo cut filter on microphone channels.  Finally, it includes 2 professional grade XDR2 Extended Dynamic Range microphone preamps containing 60dB gain range, 130 dB dynamic range, low frequency response and distortion, and +22dBu input handling.

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A Closer Look At A Mackie Four Channel Mixer

Before purchasing a sound mixer, it is important to access personal needs.  Mackie mixers are some of the best equipment in the industry.  The Mackie 402-vlz3 may be one of the best purchase options for someone looking for a quality machine.

In the past, low input mixers were not durable and offered poor quality sound.  This is no longer true since the introduction of the Mackie vlz mixer.  This 4 channel mixer gives high quality in a small package, which is perfect when space is sparse. The price is extremely affordable.  It is one of the lowest prices offered for this kind of mixer.

What makes this mixer so great is its preamps.  The set of XDR2 gives a clear sound, as if a person were in a professional studio.  The 2 band Active EQ gives effective and quick ability to shape tone for ultimate satisfaction.

Even though this piece of equipment is tiny, it comes with a great number of high end features and tools that enhance creativity and the overall user experience. It is styled in a low profile design that will fit into any crammed space.  It also has a bottom panel that can simply be mounted to a microphone stand adapter to add flexibility since it lets a person change the height and angle to accommodate the work area.  It is not delicate since it is built from a solid steel chassis that can take a lot of abuse.

The manufacturer uses molded pots that take great strain and offer impact relief. The knobs that control the unit glide on the surface.  This means that if anything is accidentally dropped in the unit, the impact is taken by the chassis instead of the circuit board.  To prevent further damage, these mixers are braced with a support structure that absorbs shock. Since it is small and contains numerous features, it is perfect for on the go projects.

Mackie 402-vlz3 Review: Conclusion

Most people that have purchased this Mackie mixer were not disappointed.  They are very pleased with its sound quality, reliability, and durable construction.  The amounts of inputs and outputs are good.  Most users love how compact it is, which makes portability simple.  Many consumers have dealt with less expensive units and have regretted it.  They felt that buying a cheap mixer will save money upfront, but in the end will cost more because of the need to purchase another unit down the immediate road.  On the other hand, the Mackie mixer will last a very long time and is part of a superior class of mixers that provides exceptional value.

The Mackie 402-vlz3 is one of the best sounding, professional grade, compact unit in its class of equipment.  Even though there are numerous compact mixers available on the market, no other machine will provide the performance of this mixer.  It is versatile, durable, and designed with the user in mind.  The size fits anywhere and the price is reasonable.  There is no reason to look any further.  These are the many reasons that customers keep coming back time and time again to purchase and recommend this Mackie product.

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