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Digital audio mixer

Who Makes The Best Audio Mixer?

Behringer EURODESK SX3242FX MixerJust like choosing the right audio mixer, this is an extremely tough question, because when it comes to audio, everything from your average mixing console to a standard digital mixer, and general audio mixing software, cost money, and can cost quite a lot of money.

So generally speaking, there is a trade off somewhere between cost and overall standard. If one has absolutely no problem forking out tens of thousands for analog or possibly digital sound mixers like an Yamaha MG102c Mixer, then they won't have to worry about this issue, and can go straight for the big guns. However, the vast vast majority of music producers must make a trade off somewhere.

The Trade Off: Software vs Analog Mixing Consoles

In many cases, the main trade off is the swapping of a hardware mixing console for audio software. The analog and digital sound mixer can be simply too expensive, and sometimes too rigid for those producers who have become used to the dynamic functions of the cheaper mixing software. However, the problem with many professional producers who are just used to analog, is that they more often than not, find even the best audio mixing program not to be up to scratch in regards its analog or hardware equivalent.

This may be simply a psychological feeling however, as the majority would never claim to hear a difference. Trading in an analog or digital audio mixer for its software counterpart can be a massive step, so choosing the best software for you can be the most important choice to be made in this regard. The same can be said when going in the opposite direction, hardware can be ridiculously expensive, so don't fork out for something that is substandard or does something you don't need.

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Which audio software or mixer to choose?

Finding out who makes the best device or software, or which one is the best for you, is never easy. There are however, a large amount of extremely good brand names that offer high quality products and good aftercare services should the unexpected happen. Names ranging from Mackie, Native Instruments, Ableton, Roland, M-audio etc., provide either great software or hardware for music production, sequencing and mixing, and also provide a lot of advice, instruction, and tutorials for usage. These brands also come with both great aftercare services, and great integration with other makes and devices, therefore making them hard to beat, and easy to build into a larger music production unit.

The usage is also key in regards which piece of equipment/software you purchase. If the majority of ones work revolves around mixing analog inputs, then of course it will be important to ensure the correct choice of hardware mixing unit. However, if one, like most these days, will be mainly utilizing digital samples and digital input, then a purchasing a digital input unit, and the correct software would be the best idea. Consultation with the manufactures will give you a very quick answer to exactly what is best for you.